The profitability of an enterprise depends on several things, but most of all on productivity. With business productivity solutions that are available on Microsoft stack, we help businesses improve their productivity and run critical business processes efficiently through process automation. Our business productivity infrastructures simplify the way you and your people communicate, share expertise, gain business insight, and find information while amplifying the impact you create by delivering powerful experiences across PC, phone and browser. We understand the importance of being able to access vital business information via familiar tools and applications and that is why our business productivity infrastructures come with a full-featured suite of server, client and developer products that fully interoperate with Microsoft Office.

Here are the benefits you and your organization will reap with our unified Business Productivity Solutions

Easy-to-use information is directly available and accessible wherever people work, collaborate, and make decisions.

Find out where to concentrate your resources for maximum returns and improved efficiency and get visibility into areas where you can trim or eliminate costs.

Easy integration and extension of your existing line of business applications with a unified business platform that includes familiar interfaces and software tools delivered via a single platform.

Get higher visibility into all levels of your operations and make decisions faster, without having to learn complicated new applications.

Choose and control from on-premise, online services, or hybrid solutions that combine on-premises and cloud software.

Foster innovation and collaboration without compromising the security of your company's data.


Empower individuals, teams and organizations to intelligently discover, share, and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device. As organizations grow geographically, IT teams are challenged to deliver the same level of services in those new locations. People in a remote office in the same country/ region or a new office in an emerging market need the same connectivity to data and services as the team back at corporate headquarters.

Many such questions need to be answered and solutions prioritized to transform this puzzle into a clear picture of your company's data, including: What is the network connectivity like? How many people need access to these resources? What are they using to access these resources?
When it comes to delivering collaboration or file-sharing solutions across multiple locations, cloud computing is a great candidate. We partner with you to enable and enhance your business growth by developing (systems), integrating and implementing solutions across all industry verticals. Even in low bandwidth areas, connecting to Microsoft's Office 365 services through a browser provides access to a rich productivity application suite — with SharePoint at the heart to keep information moving through your teams.

SharePoint Online

With Office 365, SharePoint Online offers enhanced security technologies, is easy to manage and can be accessed from almost anywhere. You can deploy a solution such as SharePoint Online, confident in the knowledge that data access control policies are in place and being enforced. Whether your growth is fast or slow, SharePoint Online will let you keep the organization connected, extending established workflows as and when needed.

SharePoint Server

Modernize your on-premise infrastructure with SharePoint Server 2016, improving performance, reliability and scale while providing a foundation for future innovation. SharePoint Server provides a cloud inspired infrastructure with the flexibility to tailor deployments based on unique business needs. It comes with a broad array of features to ensure that sensitive information remains safe and the right people have access to the right information, at the right time.


(Microsoft Surface tablet screen displaying
available charts in Project Web App)

We help you optimize your project portfolio and achieve key business goal with our Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Solutions using Microsoft PPM platform. Our seamless integration with Power BI gives you advanced portfolio analytics, and built-in reports that help all the business leaders to collaborate, be on the same page and align execution with strategy.

Key features of Microsoft PPM Platform

Portfolio Optimization

With the right application of Microsoft PPM, we empower decision makers to easily model different portfolio scenarios and determine the best strategic path. This is achieved by weighing project proposals against strategic business drivers and considering the cost and resource constraints within an organization.

Seamless BI Integration

We make use of tools like Power BI Pro and Excel to gain insights across portfolios. Native Data lets you quickly aggregate portfolio data with other LOB systems for further reporting.

Out-Of-the-Box Reports

Share one of the built-in reports in your organization to keep everyone on the same page. Reports include everything from burndown to financials and are available across devices.

Systematically Evaluate Project Proposals

We help you capture and evaluate project ideas from anywhere within the organization. We achieve this through a standardized process that feeds detailed business cases and project charters to the management for review.



DYNAMICS 365 (CRM) helps you build a stronger CRM system to increase the contribution of your people to the bottom line. If you want to innovate, make productivity gains, reign in IT spend and gain a competitive advantage via an agile workforce, our Collaboration solutions offer a full-featured, flexible platform that will let you and your team work together to foster innovation and speed to market responsiveness, securely access, manage, share and control information, reduce risks and consolidate costs. Microsoft SharePoint is the cornerstone of our Collaboration solution and provides collaborative workspaces and portals, combined with social networking technologies like wikis, blogs, and RSS feeds.

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are simple to learn and work with your existing technology and scale as you grow to give you long-term value. By using software and online services that work the way people and organizations work, business leaders are better able to make informed decisions and adapt to rapid change.


DYNAMICS 365 (AX) for Operations is a comprehensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution that enables better business management. ERPs are business management software that help organizations to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities, including product planning, purchase, accounting, HR, manufacturing or service delivery. However, ERP software are expensive and require capital investment, Microsoft Dynamics Operations save you that cost and yet, provide all the functionalities with optional industry vertical add-ons. The AX Service is highly-configurable, customizable, extendable and scalable. It offers built-in multi-lingual and multicurrency support for over 36 countries. While MS Dynamics AX offers unlimited capabilities, the question is, which of these are best-suited to your organizational needs?
This is where Datafortune can help. We bring to the table the right knowledge on AX product, mapping it to your current and future business needs, picking and choosing the best-suited functionalities, filling any gaps and ultimately delivering you the best solution.

But how will you ensure that you reap the benefits while minimizing the hassle & risks?

We help you with an impeccable planning and timing for the right deployment (local, regional or global), executive roll-out, and management of migration of the existing systems.